Drug Slang Dictionary

Drug users speak using a variety of terms that nonusers do not often understand. Individuals who sell or traffic drugs also tend to use these special terms. These terms, known as drug slang, help users to identify the drug they are using or selling without referring to it by name. Below is a dictionary defining some of the most common drug slang terms currently in existence.

Dextromethorphan (DXM): DXM is a substance contained in cold medicines that can typically be obtained over-the-counter. If 900 milligrams or more are consumed, this drug works as a hallucinogen. Slang words for DXM include Dex, Drex, DM, Candy, Red Devils, Vitamin D, Poor Man's X, Velvet, Tussin, Skittles, Rojo, and Robo. One of the most popular names in use recently is "tussin."

Syrup heads: This is a term used to refer to individuals who abuse DXM in any form.

Dexing: This term indicates the abuse of DXM. It may also be called robodosing or robotripping, especially if the user chugs cough syrup to get high on DXM.

Triple C: This term signifies Coricidin HBP Cough and Cold, which is a specific medicine containing DXM. However, any medicine that contains DXM has the propensity for abuse. Some drug stores are now keeping DXM behind the counter to prevent users from purchasing large quantities at one time.

Special K: This term refers to ketamine, a substance that is often used as an anesthetic for both animals and humans. Ketamine is used as a "club drug." It is capable of causing euphoria and hallucinations when taken in high doses. Ketamine may also be called super acid, psychedelic heroin, new ecstasy, Ket, K, horse tranquilizer, cat valium, breakfast cereal, and vitamin K.

Crank: This term refers to methamphetamine, a stimulant. It may also be called glass, fire, white cross, chalk, speed, or meth. Meth may be taken as a pill, snorted, or injected into the veins. Crystal meth is the form of methamphetamine that is smoked. It is often referred to as "ice."

Antifreeze: This term typically refers to heroin. It may also be called train, tar, sweet dreams, smack, skag, poison, junk, horse, H, golden girls, brown sugar, or Big H.

Crunk: This term is usually used as a verb and refers to getting drunk and high at the same time.

Snow: This slang word indicates cocaine. It may also be called yahoo, white, toot, snowbirds, rails, rock, powder, nose candy, lady, freebase, flake, dust, coke, crack, and Charlie. This drug is most commonly used among women who want to lose weight because it is capable of decreasing the user's appetite.

X: This term typically refers to ecstasy. It may also be called XTC, stacy, roll, MDMA, lovers speed, essence, clarity, bean, E, Adam.

Georgia Home Boy: This slang word refers to Gamma Hydroxybutyrate. GHB is capable of producing body-building effects, sedative effects, and euphoria. It may also be called Scoop, Organic Quaalude, Liquid X, Liquid E, Liquid Ecstasy, Grievous Bodily Harm, and Gamma-OH.

Roofies: This term refers to rohypnol, which is the date rape drug. It may also be called rope, roche, rophies, roofenol, roachies, rib, R-2, Mexican valium, La Rocha, and the forget pill.

Kibbles and bits: This term often refers to Ritalin, the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It may also be called pineapple.

Cheese: This term refers to a mix of Tylenol PM and black tar heroin. It typically looks like parmesan cheese, which is how it got its name.

Candy flipping: This slang term refers to the high achieved when a user combines ecstasy with lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD).

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